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  How do I report changes to income, family composition, or wait list preferences changes? You now can report income and family changes using our online form! A Housing Specialist will review your request and contact you. All changes must be approved and will need to have all required information to process.
  Example of Reasons to complete Change Report:
Loss of Income
A member has been added through birth, adoption or court awarded custody.
A household member is leaving or has left the family unit.
Family break-up.






  Please ONLY fill out the section for which you are requesting a change.
In order to add someone you must bring the following four items: 1) Orig. birth certificate 2) Orig. social security card 3) Picture identification 4) Proof of income and assets (i.e., checking, savings etc.)
ADD a member to the household    
You must submit evidence of the former family member’s new address.
REMOVE a member from my household      
Increase in income:        
To be effective next month, all documentation must be received by the 20th calendar day of the month to allow adequate time for processing.
Reduced Hours    
Unemployment Income Change    
Child Care          
Social Security      
NOTE: The court order indicating the increase or decrease must be submitted.
Child Support      
NOTE: Section 8/TBRA participants must receive written permission from the landlord to have any guest temporarily stay in the unit. A copy of the written permission must be submitted.
  Reason for Preference Change
  A. Displaced: Applicants displaced by government action OR a disaster recognized by Federal disaster laws.
Desplazado/a: Solicitantes desplazados por acciones del gobierno O por un desastre reconocido por las leyes federales de desastres.

B. Living and/or Working in Chandler: Applicants must physically live in the City of Chandler, OR must physically work, or be hired to work, in the City of Chandler.
Viviendo y/o Trabajando en Chandler: Los solicitantes deben vivir físicamente en la Ciudad de Chandler, O deben trabajar físicamente, o ser contratados para trabajar, en la Ciudad de Chandler.

C. Chronically Homeless: A person with a disability who lives either in a place not meant for human habitation, a safe haven, or emergency shelter continuously for at least 12 months, OR on at least four separate occasions in the last three years, where the combined length of homeless occasions is equal to at least 12 months.
Crónicamente Indigentes: Una persona con una discapacidad que viva ya sea en un lugar que no sea para ser habitado por seres humanos, un refugio seguro, o un albergue de emergencia continuamente durante por lo menos 12 meses, Ó por lo menos en cuatro ocasiones por separado durante los últimos tres años, cuando el tiempo combinado de indigencia equivalga a por lo menos 12 meses.

D. Currently Employed/Employment Program: At least one adult family member works at least 20 hours a week outside the City of Chandler, attends an employment training program, or attends school on a full-time basis.
Actualmente Empleado/a/Programa de Empleo: Por lo menos un miembro adulto de la familia trabaja por lo menos 20 horas por semana fuera de la Ciudad de Chandler, asiste a un programa de capacitación de empleo, o asiste a la escuela tiempo completo.

E. Elderly: The head and/or spouse is elderly (62+ years of age).
Personas de Mayor Edad: El/la jefe/a de la familia y/o su cónyuge es/son personas de mayor edad (62+ años de edad).

F. Disabled: Disabled families and families with a disabled household member.
Discapacitado/a: Familias discapacitadas y familias con un miembro del hogar que tiene una discapacidad.


  Instructions for Attachments: Attachments or other documents related to a Change Report may be sent to the Housing Office by Email to; put in the City of Chandler's Utility drive-up Drop-Off Box located on Chicago Street, between Arizona Avenue and Washington Street; or by Mail to the City of Chandler Housing and Redevelopment Division, Mail Stop 101, P.O. Box 4008, Chandler, AZ 85244-4008. Make sure the documents are identified as going to the Housing Office with the head of household's full name on the front of all documents. If you have questions about this information, need assistance, or are requesting a reasonable accommodation, please contact the Housing Office by phone at 480-782-3200.